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J.C. Auto Patterns Brochure

Shortly after the J. C. MIDGE had been successfully launched and the 'patterns' principle proved so popular, it became obvious that perhaps the design of some vehicle other than the traditional style vintage' Roadster could lend itself to this method of construction. The criteria were that the car must have a very simple shape, preferably flat sided with virtually no compound curves on the main body.

The style of the 'LOCUST' appeared straight away to be an obvious choice. The body tub is a small simple tapering 'box' with slab sides. Only the GRP extremities of nosecone and wings carry compound curves, the curved rear and bulkhead panels being simple to wrap with aluminium by curving it through one plane only.

For those of you not yet familiar with the method of construction, I will attempt to simply describe the principles at hand. For 45, J.C. Auto Patterns will supply you with a set of full size paper patterns or templates from which the individual plywood and aluminium panels an to be cut in much the same way as a seamstress cuts her material from a paper dress pattern.

A comprehensive set of instructions and diagrams for you to construct the main body tub from plywood and aluminium sheet is also included. It is virtually impossible to make a mistake, you simply stick the paper patterns onto the plywood or aluminium sheet and cut them out with a jigsaw following the instructions provided.

These dozen or so panels are then assembled to form the main body sections of the car. The method has also been likened to that employed by model makers when building a balsa wood aircraft, some- thing that many of you may be familiar with doing.

Just as the plastic components of a model kit are supplied separately, in a similar way, the LOCUST parts that you cannot make yourself can be supplied by us. Namely the GRP wings the nosecone and the windscreen complete with frame. These components are attached to the main body by simply screwing or bolting them in place. Positioning instructions are included with each item.

Construction time is very quick. The method employed is very straightforward (a bit like assembling a set of drawers). The materials used are cheap and readily available anywhere. No special tools are required, although a jigsaw with an adjustable foot is essential. These can often be hired.

The approximate cost of material is as follows: You may expect to spend about 70 on plywood: 50 on aluminium: 165 on the GRP wings and nosecone: 55 on the windscreen: you will need a chassis from us for around 200 - 250: the running gear and parts from the base car for around 100.

So far, you have spent about 650 in total but, don't forget things like lights and seats Also you may decide on a set of fancy wheels and tyres which could set you back a few bob! Although these could be added later to spread the cost. A full set of weather gear and extras is available from us.

John Cowperthwaite.



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