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Richard Jordan's Locust Garage

I Thought I would send you some pictures of my Locust's Xmas present. I got fed up of my covers keep on leaking and blowing off that I decided to make my own. Using 9mm OSB and plenty of battening I've created a small home for my Locust. Its a nice snug fit and keeps the car dry, locked away and means a cover is not always resting and flapping on the paintwork. Not bad for just over £100.

My car is still on the road at the moment, got tax till Feb as I taxed mine quite late in the summer. Trying to make the most of the sunny south.

Hope you like the pictures and could maybe use them on the website.

Regards and Merry Xmas

Richard Jordan

PS. If your wondering why I dont use that lovely large garage, its because it my parents house and they take priority over my "toy"

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