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Rear Disc Brake Conversion - Paul Woollard

I wanted to have disk brakes front and rear on my locust first thing to-do was the rear as the front Cortina system is adequate but can easily be enhanced by fitting Austin Princess four pots as this bolt straight on kit can be obtained from Rally & Marine design ( web site of the same name for other goodies).

Anyway back to the rear I have a friend who races a stock car, which uses an Escort back axle. He gave me a set of plates, which they use to mount as set of fiesta Callipers and disks to the rear axle to improve braking. I dutifully copied these onto a drawing sheet and then cleaned up the drawing. I then mirror imaged the design ( if you send a SAE or email address I will send a copy of the drg ) so I could mount two sets of callipers per wheel ( you now think I am mad). The SVA insists on independent operation of handbrake and main braking system for vehicle. By using two sets of calliper this can be achieved very easily ( please note my car has just past its MOT and is on its way for the SVA as we speak). Normal braking system is piped in very easily no different to the old drum system. I then purchased a mini hand brake lever from the scrap yard and a hydraulic hand brake conversion kit from rally & marine design for approx 40 with a remote reservoir. Mounting the disks to the half shafts is easy find a friendly local tool maker and ask him to turn down the outside to suit for location and use sierra stud to compensate for the thickness of the stud. I then turned up on my small lathe a locator boss for wheel disk and half shaft. ( ensuring every thing runs concentric on assemble)

The drawing below can also be found on the Ford RS 2000 web site Please note I used two sets of fiesta calliper but maybe a motor cycle calliper could be used, I leave this upto you imagination.


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