Steve Patenall's - Austin-tatious - The Build Part 1

The Build

I purchased the Locust as a part built project. Once the body was removed and scrapped, MDF doesn't like damp, I had to decide what to do next.

My first idea was to build a space frame body and fit it to my chassis. but after a visit to a NSRA event the Moggy idea was born.

The Yamaha engine had to be moved forward to between the suspension pillars. When I purchased the Moggy the body was removed from the chassis. In addition the floor and inner wings were rotted so what the heck the build was now to include classic car renovation work.

We cut what was left of the floor out and built our own complete with new chassis mounts. The body was fitted and we tried a once piece fibreglass front but it was not to my liking.

The original steel wings and bonnet were then fitted, they were much better! We then shortened the locust steering column and fabricated new hangers. My son purchased a Metro as a donor for a project he is doing, the rear seat looked just what I am after. Out came the tape and its just right so out it comes new mounts are made and in it goes.

Before we can build the pick-up back I need a fuel tank. As the promised stainless item hasn't materialised I need a budget option. EBay! I was told about a kit car parts section. On a search I came across a 6.5 gallon Honda Goldwing tank with sender and pump, got to be worth a bid. Success what a bargain 2.39 and I was in the area so I could collect.

Next job!

Things were going well until I spoke to a chap who was building a bike engined buggy. He was using a Sierra rear axle and he had turn it upside down to get forward gears. Back home I attached jump leads to the starter and you got it ,five reverse gears. We have had to cut off the 5 link mounts have new ones made and re-attach them to the turned over axle, problem solved.

That put us a bit behind so we must now get on and play catch up, I want it painted at Xmas!

That's all for now more next time round.

Steve Patenall and my trusty assistant Andy.



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