Steve Patenall's - Austin-tatious - The Build Part 2

The Build Continued

Unfortunately progress has been a bit slow since my last report but at least the wife has got the conservatory she wanted!

For the unfamiliar, I am building a Austin/Morris 1000 pickup called 'Austin-tatious. The pickup cab has been fitted to a White Rose Locust chassis and fitted with a Yamaha XJ900 Diversion engine and Spax shocks all round.

Well in the past couple months the frame for the pickup bed has been constructed and work has started on the woodwork.

Up the front I have a made a manifold out of the bike pipes and car exhaust parts, I'm hoping this will do for now until I have the finances to have a stainless set of headers made. I am fast finding out building a vehicle like this isn't easy there is not one manual needed but several. Since purchasing the Yamaha one, I have been attacking the bike loom taking out the bits I don't need, and finding things like carb heaters and clutch and stand switches. I have mounted the ignitor unit and the relays etc in a box to be mounted behind the engine so it can be unplugged and removed in one unit.

I have also mounted the wiper motor and washer bottle and both brake and accelerator pedals. the clutch is going to be a hand clutch mounted on the gearstick. We have had a starter motor machined to accept a 5in. wheel with an inflatable tyre which will run on the prop to hopefully create reverse. (time will tell.) It has been quite an expensive month, I have purchased new chrome parts for the cab and all new rubbers, front panel and even a new chassis plate (sh!).

At Donnington I purchased a DIY powder coating system. We have had a little go and were pleased with the results, but I now need an old oven!

That's going to have to do for this time I will be back with more ramblings next time but for now I hope you all have a good Xmas and New Year and hopefully Austin-tatious and myself will see you at Stoneleigh (one way or another).

Steve Patenall and my trusty assistant Andy.





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