Steve Patenall's - Austin-tatious - The Build Part 3

The Build Continued

Things have continued to move forward since my last report, and I hope this trend continues. My greatest achievement is that the engine is running. I am particularly
pleased with myself as I stripped the bike loom down to the basics, bridging unrequired circuits and getting it right without outside help. It took bloody ages.

Now that’s running we have pulled it out so we can remove the body for painting. I have enlisted the help from a couple of mates to prepare the body for me so I can spray it over my Christmas holiday, well that was the plan.

The body and panels were returned to me in plenty of time but I didn't realize how long it was going to take me to do the final preparation work. I spent hours sanding to
get a finish I wanted. I started to paint in the chosen orange and things looked rosy. That was until bubbles started to appear on the panels. I thought it was water but having experimented I now think it was my fault trying to hurry.

I have just been out tonight and had another go and it seems to be ok. Hopefully, taking it steady, I will have the body and chassis painted by the end of the month.

Then things will have to move into top gear to get to Stoneleigh with something I can drive on to the club stand, even if I end up trailering it to the site.

Well I must get on and make myself a to do list. I have found them great in the past because as I’m crossing things off it spurs me on to
cross the next item off.

Steve Patenall and my trusty assistant Andy.



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