Steve Patenall's - Austin-tatious - The Build Part 5

Here we are again! Since my last report we have been hard at work in "Grumpy’s Workshop" . Having prepared the body tub for re-re-spray it was delivered to
the guys at Diamond Spraying to have the top coat applied. Later on that day I was informed they had sprayed the tub. As I was off work and going on holiday the next day I couldn't resist a quick look. I was well happy! Where were these guys six months ago?
Tenerife was calling, but I promised on my return I would prep and re-prime the rest of the panels and get them over to their workshop. So on my return I got on with the job in hand, The only problem I was having was with the wings. They kept reacting to the primer. A trip to the computer and eBay was called for! What a bit of luck, a
chap from Northampton had a pair of new fibreglass wings up for auction, and they finished that afternoon. I bid on them and success I won the auction. I collected, prepared and primed them the day after the auction ended. The panels were then delivered to the spray shop where they would be for a while, due to the pressure of work. Anyhow they were out of my way so I had new found space. I had powder coated and spayed the front suspension and steering components so these were refitted so we could wheel the chassis out of the workshop for a major clean up. After the cleaning I re-laid the rug we had taken up while the grinding and welding was being carried out. It was nice to have a soft warm floor again.

The next job was to temporarily refit the tub so Andy could get on with the woodwork on the pickup bed. Once the sides are fitted and trimmed we can make patterns
for the rear mudguards and get them custom made. We have already made the under floor battery come storage box and laid the wiring in for the rear lights. I have turned my attention to the braking system. All the callipers have been fitted together with the servo and pedal assembly. I have also made brackets for the bulk head fittings and fitted two three way connections. I will fit the brackets after I have powder coated them. The fittings that came with the disc conversion are of the compression type. At Newark Andy told my where he gets the fittings for his son’s race car. Low and behold the supplier is only 6 miles from home. With a braking system like this it should stop alright. I just hope it has enough forward motion to do it justice.

Sorting the dash is my next target, it will consist of the Digi dash mounted on a custom stainless steel bracket on top of the old speedo hump. The warning lights
and fuel gauge will be mounted where the original speedo was with the switches below. The stereo will be hidden in the glove box, an idea I have seen on a Cobra

Cheers for now Steve and my merry band of helpers.


My next article will need to be two pronged. My son and I have purchased a part built locust type project. We have purchased a Grasshopper (kids Locust ).

This must be completed for Christmas! Do we go electric or petrol ? The colour is a forgone conclusion I happen to have some orange leftover.



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