Steve Patenall's - Austin-tatious - The Build Part 9

Well doesn't time fly its that again.

So much has happened since my last mutterings. Any of you that read the message board will know Austintatious is now MOT'd and taxed. The clubs first commercial vehicle. The road to that point has not been smooth! With more clutch problems and several postponed MOT's along the way..
Any visitors to Stoneleigh will know we were there virtually complete apart from the interior and a working clutch. After the problems I had encountered had decided not to go to the show, but after much persuading by my wife and daughter we loaded it on a trailer and joined the crowds. By Christ I am glad I went the reception we got was immense, and not one negative remark all weekend. On the down side, I have never been so bloody cold camping in my life! When the unsociable few on the Westfield site were finally were told to turn the music off at 2am, I thought time for a wee before settling down. The only thing is my legs had other ideas, bad cramp in both meaning I couldn't get my jeans on I ended up hobbling around outside in my underpants, when my legs returned to relative normality I thought sod the pants and the loo's the nearest tree would have to do.

On returning from Stoneleigh I was back in workshop to solve my clutch dilemmas. The foot clutch hadn't worked for some reason so back to the hand lever, still not right. Nothing for it, out with the engine to get at the clutch. Several of the metal and friction plates had stuck together; so it was separate them then, clean and measure them. No wear was found so they were reinstalled and all worked fine.
Time to book another MOT. While driving to the test station a bad vibration occurred .As soon as it was on the ramps the guys at the garage spotted my problem, my prop was too long for a one-piece item. Apart from 2 loose nuts it past with flying colours and the only advice I.e. have a 2 piece prop made. From the MOT we went to the DVLA and got the taxation class change to Historic and a 12 month tax was issued, cost nil!

We then spent a long weekend at Billing Aquadrome for the NSRA HOT ROD SHOW. Again it went down well with lots of interest, I may not be able to do the big V8 burn outs as I left the show and shine arena but, screaming out of the arena at 9000 revs gets peoples attention!
I have had various quotes for the prop and it will have to wait a while, the downside is I can only get to approximately 42mph before the vibration starts. Another issue that will need attention is the diff, at present it is fitted with a 4:1 ratio and it takes of really quick but I want to cruise at lower revs so I am in search for an Escort diff with a lower ratio, I was told at Billing, by a guy that prepared Legend race cars a Mexico diff would be ideal as it runs about 3.5:1.

Cheers for now see you all soon

Steve Patenall
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