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GAW 366V - T&J/BWE Hornet

Currently owned by Andy in Scotland.

Andy bought the kit as it stands in January 1998 in south Wales, the kit originally came from Powys. It had only spent six months on the road before he purchased it. It has done 12,000 trouble free miles including several trips up and down the country. At present the car is undergoing a carb and interior upgrade, this includes refurbishing the Weber carb and covering the dash in leatherette.

The car has all Cortina MkV running gear and uses the 2000cc engine. He can get 120 miles from the 5 gallon tank, a fact he needs to know as the car is currently without a fuel gauge.

Andy is more than happy to help or talk to other people about Hornets.
He can be contacted at Andy@easterbunny0.demon.co.uk.


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