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James Smith's Locust

I've recently become the proud new owner of a T&J Locust, and have discovered your site which I am hoping will provide a wealth of information for all the Locust queries I'm likely to have in the future!
I thought I'd share some pictures of my acquisition. It's got a 1600 crossflow on twin 40 Dellortos, and a 4-speed box. It currently doesn't have much of an interior, and the electrics need a good sorting out, but it's on the road and great fun. I've wanted something with no doors or roof since I was 14, and having recently graduated and started a job I decided to treat myself! The lack of a 5th gear is a pain on motorways, but having had friends nickname it "The Coffin", I try to avoid motorways, and the petrol stations generally aren't close enough together anyway. 
Best wishes,
James Smith (Sheffield/Stoke on Trent)



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