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Julian Britton's Hornet

My story started approximately 20 years ago when the hankering began for a Lotus 7 replica.

Like most people I set my sights on a Westfield or Caterham but soon had to realise that I did not have the funds or space to aim so high.

Then four months ago I had the chance to purchase a Locust Hornet – since then I have not looked back.

The car is an absolute dream and I love every second of looking at it, cleaning it, polishing it and most of all driving it – does this sound sad?

The car was built 14 years ago by a Rolls Royce Engineer and to be honest you can easily see the build quality. He sold it 7 years ago and another 7 years on I bought it.

The car is based on a Ford Cortina 1600cc and has ford running gear and 4 speed gearbox.

Eventually I am aiming to:

  1. Replace the engine with a 2 litre
  2. Replace the 4 speed with a 5 speed
  3. Change the alloys
  4. Change from Clam Shells to Cycle Wings
  5. Fit a hood.

So at various stages in the future I shall be calling on the experience of the Locust Enthusiast Club for all the ‘techy’ bits.



Julian Britton

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