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Kevin Birbeck 's Locust - Work in Progress

I found my JC Locust on the net about 2 years ago. I phoned the guy who said the car was compete besides the cooling system and wanted £750 for it.

It was a 3hr drive so I took my trailer plus cash. On seeing the car and having a good look around it I noticed it was along way off finished and what work had been done was of a very poor standard, but I'd come this far and had always wanted a 7 so I made an offer of £500. The guy snapped my hand off.

I got it home and put it in the garage and had an even closer look I now new why the guy snapped my hand off!   

This car was going to need stripping down and starting again, so that's what I did. I stripped every single part off, cleaned repainted and put back, I chucked the 1.3ltr crossflow for a 1750cc fully tuned one with 40s (which i have not had running yet). I had the body re sprayed and put on new 8x13 superlites at the rear rear with 205s and 6x13 at the front with 185s.

The car is still way off finished but that is down to cash flow. I've spent around £2000 on it so far and will need about £1000 too complete it. I am a bit worried about SVA though I know nothing about it any info would be great. My main concern is the steering as the car didn't have any when I go it. I used mk 3 Escort column and have 2 UJs on it but mounting its the problem. (any photos of this would be great).    

                        Thanks    Kevin Birkbeck
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