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Malcom Pearce's Locust

My car has an uncertain past, and seems to have originally assembled by a shed building Meccano fanatic! She runs a 1600 x-flow engine, four speed box and Ford running gear. One of the first jobs I did was to start stripping and rebuilding the car, replacing the numerous coach bolts (complete with square flat nuts) with proper fasteners. Once I was satisfied that she wouldn't shake herself apart, I sorted out niggly things, like the gear shift, added a spare wheel, dumped the Slot Mag alloys for real Minilites, changed the diff for one that didn't run out of revs in top at 65 mph and sorted the tatty interior.

Future work includes better seats, possible conversion to cycle wings, dumping the lovely (??) Cortina front suspension and fitting a nicer steering wheel!

Likes: The cars looks, the fun factor, the performance, the noise, the head turning effect she has (even with me in her!).

Dislikes: The lack of side crumple zones, small petrol tank, the handling when going backwards and the fact every teenage male in a 1.3 Nova wants to give it a go

! Actually... maybe that last one should go under 'likes' when they disappear in the rear view mirror!



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