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Mark Thornton 's Locust

I live in Darlington (have met Dave Hancock) and bought a Locust about 2 years ago last November. It was bought from a local advert as an unfinished project and it needed a considerable amount of work to finish...but was registered so was more of a rebuild project.

I compete in autotests and after using a mini for about 5 years decided that due to the endless maintainance the mini required it was time for a change and I really fancied RWD as from previous experiance it was great fun.

Following the purchase my Locust....(a White Rose one) it was prepared for autotesting (LSD etc). It proved to be a bit troublesome so out came the Xflow. After changing the cam and trying to make it a bit more user friendly I decided to put in a Zetec.

.......now this has been a long journey for one reason or another but we are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and aiming to get the car out for the 19th February at Witton Castle.

The pictures are of the car in its current state, and at the moment its virtually changing every day.


Mark Thornton

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