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Q313 GEH Internet Locust

Recently purchased by Nick in Kent.

Every now and then I receive E-mail from Locust owners who have come across my site www.wannop.co.uk or the club site www.locustenthusiastsclub.co.uk. Maybe I am a little cheeky but I always take the opertunity to ask for a few photos and some information about the car or details of the build or purchase of the car.

I recently received an e-mail from Nick Eagle who has just purchased a Locust so after directing Nick to the club site for details of the Membership Secretary I did the usual and asked for some details of the car and the purchase.

Here is Nicks reply.

I have to admit buying this car was the first bit of e-commerce I have been involved with. It started when a friend of mine who owns a Caterham 7 took me for a ride. Unfortunately I was instantly hooked on small cars big fun. I went straight home and thought over buying Lotus 7 replica. I thought it would not hurt to look on the Internet at any articles or even any cars for sale. I surfed the net visiting all the free Kit cars/ Classic cars for sale sites and after about 20 minutes found the car for sale on one such site. I e-mailed the owner for further details and later arranged to look at the car that weekend. As soon as I drove it I had to buy it. Not only was it a great example, I thought it was very reasonable at 2200. It was a bit of a trek, as I live in Tunbridge Wells in Kent and the car was in Leicester, but worth every mile. The whole deal took 6 days from initial contact to final delivery. A shining testimony to e-commerce (I Think!).

Since my last e-mail I have spoken to the previous owner of the car who actually built it. It turns out the engine was a surplus stock car racing engine. So it will be interesting to get it on a rolling road to see what the figures are like. As far as I know for definite it's running on a fast road/race cam. High lift rockers. Big valve head. And Weber carbs the makings of quite a nippy little motor.

Nick Eagle

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