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Nigel and Chris Hiscox Locust Build


Here are a small selection of photos that I have taken since my brother Chris and I bought our locust..

The above picture shows the car as we got it, a chassis and tub, with 1300 engine. The remaining photos were taken last week.

This shows the back axle after a repaint and welding up the brackets. I have also extended the bracket for the panhard rod.

This was just to show off the fibreglass parts I bought in November. Some of you will have noticed that these are not Locust parts, they are Stuart Taylor Motorsport parts, which I hope will fit although I will have to make a few adjustments to the bodytub. I am hoping to finish the suspension and chassis work over the next month or so then we can move onto skinning the tub. I am keeping a build diary along with the photos, when I have finished the car I may send that in.

Best wishes to everyone for Christmas and The New Year

Nigel Hiscox

1 December 2002



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