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Q581 ANJ - Paul and Sue Baggaley

A Pinto into a Locust will go!

You can fit a Pinto into a Locust. Paul and Sue Baggaley have proved this. They have squeezed a 2 litre OHC Ford Pinto into their yellow and aluminium Locust.

The key tothe installation is being able to get the engine to sit low enough in the chassis. When it is at the correct to allow the bonnet to fit height the sump is much to low. This has to be corrected by fitting a shallow big wing sump. Paul examined and measured the ones produced by Burton and decided that one could be fabricated using the standard sump and a bit of metal and welding rods.

These sumps are very shallow but maintain the original capacity by having wing like extensions added on each side. The only other modifications required to fit the engine and box in the car were the removal of the bottom corner of the drivers footwell. This was in order to clear the clutch actuation lever and the repositioning of the alternator to clear the chassis rails and steering column.

As you can see from the photographs there is plenty of room in the engine bay. The exhaust now exits the engine bay on the driver's side and as it is the driver and not the passenger who would get the ear bashing, Paul has extended the system to the rear of the car. This produces a much quieter exhaust note.

(I wonder if one of the 2 litre 150bhp Twin Cams fitted to the last of the Sierras could be used. Were they not based on the Pinto?(Peter)).

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