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Quintin Congdon - USA

Last Fall I purchased a Locust Super Seven off of eBay. 

The car was made in Edinburgh, and then brought over to Canada. 

It now resides in White Hall, Virginia.  The Locust Enthusiast website and the readers in the Message Forum have been a great help as I try to get the Locust sorted out.  Many Thanks for your all's efforts!


Quintin Congdon

Note from webadmin

This email from Simon Laidlaw was received 16 December 2015

Hi Peter


I noticed on your page you were asking if anyone knew about the Locust in the USA. I know a lot about this car as it was built by a friend of mine after I took him out in mine when we were very young. I started building mine in 1987 when I was 15 and it was completed, (with a LOT of help from my Dad) in 1988.


Both were built in Edinburgh and mine was reg’ed Q434 XSC and is now in the Netherlands, It was an original JC Locust.


The Yellow and silver one in the US was originally a T&J Locust, completed in around 1991 and was registered Q204 XSF. Both cars had bespoke front suspension built, fully rose-jointed to get rid of the horrible  Cortina suspension. Mine had a standard 1600GT crossflow - form a Mark 2 Cortina, the yellow car had a beautiful 1700 built by a nearby motorsport  engineer.


I did spot my car on your pages a few years ago but it seems to have disappeared now. Happy days though!


All the best





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